Fingers! Fingers! Look! Look!

ZOTTZ is an occupational therapy tool focused on development of fine motor skills; such as holding pencils, picking up cheerios, cutting with scissors. It helps a child develop finger strength, focus, and hand-eye coordination; critical tools for life.

ZOTTZ is tangible tech, reversing regression.

With 16 mode selections, it is customizable to any child’s needs. There are so many sound and LED variations, they will never run out of combinations. Keeps children motivated to investigate more, to be enticed to learn and develop critical fine motor skills.

ZOTTZ is a 3D pad with fun finger exercises and challenges, inspiring grand achievements.

ZOTTZ is MOBILE, completely safe, powered by 3.7 Volt batteries.

Features of ZOTTZ:

PENCIL --- both thumb and index finger must press simultaneously

to activate. 

GRIP --- strength development 

             - GRIP for thumb pressure development and  for wrist strength development

PINCHER --- helps fine-pinching skills, like picking up Cheerios, manipulating buttons, both thumb and index finger must be

synchronized for pincher to play music.
SCISSORS --- are the critical link to hand-eye coordination,

the cornerstone of fine motor skills.

Each child is unique. ZOTTZ is flexible, designed to easily adjust

to the child's needs.

Technically speaking: ZOTTZ is based on the Arduino, a platform of interfaces programmed through a custom electronics SKETCH.


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